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Stormy Daniels testified in the criminal trial against Donald Trump, recounting a 2006 sexual encounter and the chaos that followed once it was revealed. She detailed negotiations for a $130,000 hush payment facilitated by Trump’s lawyer, amidst accusations of Trump falsifying business records.


Pope Francis Apologizes for Misunderstanding Over Remarks at Italian Bishops' Conference

May, 29 2024

Axed Labour Candidate Faiza Shaheen Accuses Party of Purging Socialists Amid Poll Success

Jun, 1 2024

Bangladesh Clinches Thrilling Nine-Run Victory Against Zimbabwe in Third T20I

May, 7 2024

KUCCPS Announces 2024 University and TVET Placement Results for KCSE Graduates: Insights and Trends

May, 22 2024

Chelsea's Reece James Suspended for First Three Matches of New Premier League Season

May, 16 2024