Spanish Media Reacts to Jude Bellingham's Underwhelming Performance in Euro 2024 Semi-Final Against Netherlands

Spanish Media Reacts to Jude Bellingham's Underwhelming Performance in Euro 2024 Semi-Final Against Netherlands

Jul, 11 2024

Spanish Media Reaction to Jude Bellingham's Performance in Euro 2024 Semi-Final

The excitement of the Euro 2024 semi-final clash between England and the Netherlands turned heads worldwide, particularly in Spain, where media scrutiny was sharp and pointed. Spain's predominant sports newspapers, Marca and AS, dedicated prime coverage to the match, honing in on the performance of Jude Bellingham. Despite England's 2-1 victory securing a place in the finals, Bellingham's contribution has stirred widespread debate and criticism.

Marca's Sharp Critique

Marca, renowned for its detailed sports analysis, zeroed in on Bellingham. The 20-year-old midfielder, who has just endured his 53rd game of the season, was singled out for an unimpressive display. The newspaper remarked that Bellingham appeared exhausted, struggling to inject his usual dynamism into the game. This assessment stung even more, considering the high expectations surrounding him as a pivotal player for the England squad. The critique concluded that his fatigue hindered his ability to generate any significant danger from the second line, a role he has embraced with vigor throughout the season.

AS Headlines the Essentials

Another heavyweight in Spanish sports media, AS, opted for a more straightforward approach. The publication's headline succinctly declared, 'England Get Through'. However, the underlying tone suggested subtle criticism of Bellingham’s lethargic performance. AS often emphasizes team over individual, yet the implicit commentary on Bellingham's exertion levels could not be ignored by its readership.

The Spotlight on Lamine Yamal and Ollie Watkins

Meanwhile, other Spanish sports outlets chose a different focus. Both Sport and Mundo Sport shined the spotlight on 16-year-old Spanish sensation Lamine Yamal, who has been making waves with his remarkable talent and composure far beyond his years. Yamal's dazzling performances have captured the hearts of Spanish fans, juxtaposing sharply against Bellingham’s recent struggles. provided an in-depth analysis of Ollie Watkins' decisive winning goal, also crediting Aston Villa manager Unai Emery with nurturing Watkins' evolution into a reliable goal machine. Emery's developmental acumen was highlighted as a key factor in Watkins’ rise, reflecting the intricate coaching nuances often cherished by Spanish football connoisseurs.

The Final Showdown in Berlin

As England and Spain gear up for the ultimate showdown in Berlin, historical memes have floated across social media platforms, humorously depicting the rivalry. Memes comparing Bellingham and young star Yamal to ancient gladiators, and likening Marc Cucurella’s shaggy locks to a dragon, have added a layer of whimsy to the pre-match narrative.

Looking ahead, the final promises to be a thrilling encounter. With storylines aplenty, from Bellingham’s redemption arc to Yamal’s ascension, fans on both sides of the aisle eagerly await a match that is poised to deliver gripping action. As the curtains rise on Sunday in Berlin, the scrutiny, drama, and passion of football will take center stage, with history waiting to be written by the boot of either an Englishman or a Spaniard.

Bellingham, now in a spotlight of both criticism and expectation, will have the chance to silence his detractors. If he can muster the energy for a stellar performance in the final, it will not only affirm his place among football's elite but also serve as a testament to his resilience in face of adversity. Conversely, Spain’s young prodigy Yamal aims to further etch his name into the annals of football lore, bringing pride to his national team and fans.

While journalists and analysts in Spain dissect every play and every player, the essential spirit of the match remains – the beautiful game, where talent, strategy, and heart converge on the pitch. Whatever the outcome, the Euro 2024 final will remain a cherished memory for football lovers worldwide, encapsulating the eternal allure of competition and camaraderie.


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