Judy Russell Highlights Community Faith Events and Mother's Day Inspiration in Oshkosh

Judy Russell Highlights Community Faith Events and Mother's Day Inspiration in Oshkosh

May, 12 2024

Judy Russell’s Inspirational Take on Mother's Day and Local Faith Activities

Judy Russell, in her beloved faith column, presents a heartfelt reflection on motherhood through poetry and shares enriching news from the faith communities in Oshkosh. Her column begins with a poignant recitation of ‘What I Learned From My Mother’ by Julia Kasdor. This poem gracefully captures the essence of maternal love, depicting how the simple, caring actions of a mother shape our lives. Russell uses this poem to segue into the broader discussion of how these gestures of love are mirrored in our community's spirit.

The vibrant Oshkosh area, known for its close-knit communities, is bustling with events that bolster communal ties and spiritual growth. Among these, the Men of Praise concert at the Peniel Welsh Chapel stands out as a significant event. This concert, which promises to be a blend of uplifting music and fellowship, is just one of many gatherings nurturing the community’s spiritual life.

Rich Tapestry of Community Events

This spring, the Most Blessed Sacrament Parish is set to host a Pentecost Vigil Mass and Party, an event celebrating renewal and hope. Meanwhile, Peace Lutheran Church extends a homely invitation to its Pig & Pie Party, a delightful affair promising scrumptious pies and fellowship. Additionally, the Diocese of Green Bay is eagerly anticipating the ordination of new Deacons, a solemn and joyous occasion for the faithful. Another spirit-lifting event is the Men’s Spirituality Morning at Esto Vir Oshkosh, aimed at nurturing the spiritual well-being of men in the community.

Philanthropy plays a vital role in the heartbeat of Oshkosh’s community life. The much-anticipated annual CARRnival for Kids event seeks volunteers to help make a difference in the lives of young ones. Furthermore, the tradition of Brat Fry fundraisers held by Peace Lutheran Church not only fills the air with the aroma of sizzling brats but also fuels various charitable projects.

Mother Teresa’s Echoing Words

Wrapping up her column, Russell reflects on Mother Teresa's powerful message that emphasizes world peace beginning at home, through the love of family. This resonates deeply within the community-centric events and the acts of service highlighted throughout her column. According to Russell, embracing family love and community service are stepping stones to a peaceful society, a message poignantly illustrated through the initial Mother’s Day poem.

It’s this synthesis of personal love and communal responsibilities that Russell hopes will inspire her readers to not just partake in these events, but to carry the essence of what they learn into their daily lives. By doing so, each individual’s action can ripple outward, contributing to a larger wave of kindness and understanding across communities.

In conclusion, Judy Russell’s column does not merely list events; it weaves them into the fabric of community responsibility and personal growth. Each event, each gathering she describes, serves not only as a beacon of faith but as an invitation to forge stronger bonds within families and among neighbors. Thus, in the rhythmic cadences of poetry and the busy hum of community life, Russell finds and shares a profound message of love and service, resonating well beyond the confines of Mother’s Day.


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