Legal Battle Over DStv and GOtv Pricing: Multichoice Disputes Tribunal's Authority

Legal Battle Over DStv and GOtv Pricing: Multichoice Disputes Tribunal's Authority

May, 8 2024

Introduction to the Dispute

Multichoice Nigeria, a major operator in the cable television and broadcasting industry, is embroiled in a legal confrontation with the Competition and Consumer Protection Tribunal (CCPT). At the heart of this legal tussle is an attempt by Multichoice to challenge the tribunal's jurisdiction over its decision-making capabilities, particularly concerning a restraining order that halts the company's planned price adjustments on its DStv and GOtv packages. This legal maneuver was initiated by Moyosore Onigbanjo, Multichoice's legal representative, through a formal application on April 30, 2024.

Background of the Legal Challenge

Moyosore Onigbanjo, speaking on behalf of Multichoice, filed the challenging application and a memorandum of conditional appearance, questioning the legitimacy of the tribunal's intervention. Onigbanjo's argument focuses on the premise that jurisdiction must be conclusively determined before any substantive issues are adjudicated. This move essentially requests a pause on all proceedings until the question of jurisdiction is resolved, a strategy often used in legal disputes to question the authority of a judicial body. The tribunal, which is chaired by Thomas Okosun, has temporarily adjourned the matter, setting the next hearing for May 16, 2024.

The Initial Complaint and Subsequent Legal Actions

The origins of this dispute trace back to a complaint by Festus Onifade, a legal practitioner who has accused Multichoice of planning price increases in violation of a previously granted interim order. Onifade escalated the matter to the CCPT, highlighting the company’s history of non-compliance with court orders, with cited instances occurring in the years 2015, 2018, and 2022. In response to these allegations and the company’s proposed price hike, Onifade also filed contempt charges against Mohammed Sani, the Manager of Multichoice's Abuja office, accusing him of disregarding the tribunal’s directives.

In his filing, Onifade seeks a tribunal order that would compel Multichoice to pay a penalty of N1 billion or another sum deemed appropriate. This, according to Onifade, is to address the company’s deliberate defiance and failure to adhere to the tribunal’s interim order set on April 29, 2024.

Implications of the Dispute

The ongoing dispute between Multichoice and the CCPT raises significant questions about regulatory authority and consumer protection in Nigeria’s broadcasting sector. An enforced price freeze, should it be upheld, could impact Multichoice’s operational strategy and financial planning. Conversely, if the tribunal’s order is overturned, it could set a precedent affecting how similar cases are handled by regulatory bodies in the future. Moreover, the outcome of this case is likely to influence the relationship between large corporations and regulatory institutions in terms of compliance and enforcement of consumer protection laws.

Consumer Reaction and Market Impact

Subscribers of DStv and GOtv, two of Multichoice’s main service offerings, are keeping a close watch on the proceedings. Any changes in pricing will directly affect their monthly budgeting for television services. Consumer rights groups are also closely monitoring the case, advocating for stringent oversight of pricing practices to ensure fairness and affordability in consumer services. This case thus not only decides the immediate pricing strategies of Multichoice but also tests the robustness of consumer protections in the Nigerian market.


As the May 16 hearing approaches, all eyes will be on the CCPT to see how it handles this high-stakes jurisdictional dispute. The decision could have wide-reaching implications for the regulatory framework surrounding consumer protection and corporate compliance in Nigeria. This pivotal moment could redefine the balance of power between corporations and regulatory bodies, setting new legal precedents for future consumer protection cases.


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