Sophia Momodu Clarifies Davido Access Restrictions Over Daughter Imade Amid Parental Dispute

Sophia Momodu Clarifies Davido Access Restrictions Over Daughter Imade Amid Parental Dispute

Jun, 23 2024


In the realm of famous personalities, disputes often capture public attention, leading to swirling rumors and intense media scrutiny. Such is the case with the recent allegations involving Sophia Momodu and Afrobeats sensation, Davido, over their daughter Imade. While stories fly across the internet, Sophia Momodu is determined to set the record straight, offering her side of the story.

Sophia Momodu's Claims

Sophia Momodu, who is known publicly as the first baby mama of popular Nigerian musician Davido, refutes claims that she has denied Davido access to their daughter, Imade. Through her legal representatives, Momodu has made clear that it wasn't her decision to keep Imade away from her father. According to her statements, Davido himself chose not to see Imade since July 2022.

Raising Imade Alone

For the past two years, Sophia has taken on the sole responsibility of nurturing and raising Imade. Despite the public image Davido tries to maintain through social media, where he frequently posts pictures showcasing moments with Imade to project himself as a doting father, Momodu paints a vastly different picture. She asserts that beyond the virtual realm, Davido has been glaringly absent from Imade's life.

Emotional Impact on Imade

Emotional Impact on Imade

Imade, a young child caught in the middle of her parents' complex relationship, has reportedly faced emotional distress due to her father's absence. Sophia mentions that Imade actively questions why her father has abruptly ceased contact, indicating a deeper psychological impact on the young girl. The absence of Davido in day-to-day activities, school events, and other pivotal moments has undoubtedly weighed heavily on Imade's mind and emotional well-being.

Financial Responsibilities and Legal Intervention

Beyond emotional neglect, Sophia also accuses Davido of neglecting his financial responsibilities towards Imade. The most striking instance being the non-payment of Imade's school fees. This issue escalated to such an extent that it required legal intervention. In the end, it was Davido's father, Mr. Adedeji Adeleke, who intervened and settled the outstanding fees, underscoring the severity of the situation.

Clearing Misconceptions about Access Denial

Addressing the heart of the rumors, Sophia states plainly that the only form of access she denied Davido was to her own body and intimacy. Given that Davido is in a publicly known relationship, Sophia emphasizes that she wishes to move on with her life without being subjected to harassment and verbal abuse. Her statement seeks to clear any misconceptions and redirect the narrative towards the core issues at hand and her wish for a peaceful co-existence.

The Role of Social Media

The Role of Social Media

In today's world, social media plays an influential role in shaping public perception. For celebrities like Davido, platforms like Instagram become a stage to showcase familial bonds and present themselves in a particular light. However, as Sophia's accusations indicate, these portrayals can sometimes be misleading. The gap between online appearances and real-life actions can often be vast, as seen in this case.

The Bigger Picture

This incident sheds light on larger themes such as co-parenting in the public eye, the responsibilities that come with parenthood, and the psychological impact on children caught in such disputes. It also highlights the need for open communication and mutual respect between estranged partners, especially when the welfare of a child is at stake.


Sophia Momodu's detailed statement serves not just as a defense against public allegations but also as a call for a deeper understanding of her experience and struggles. The focus, according to her, should primarily be on the well-being of Imade, who remains at the heart of this dispute. As the story unfolds, one can only hope for resolution and healing for all parties involved, especially the young child who finds herself at the epicenter of this publicized parental conflict.


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